Salsamole Gift Tray Avo Tool Basket 6 Pound Avocado Gift Tray
Salsamole Gift Tray
Our Price: $59.95
Avo Tool Basket
Our Price: $59.95
6 Pound Avocado Gift Tray
Our Price: $59.95
All you'll need to create and save the perfect guacamole with a jar of delicious salsa to top it off! 4 delicious California avocados with 3 essential avocado tools. 6 pounds of delicious seasonal California avocados nestled inside a large market tray.
Guac in a Box Gift Certificate California Hass - 3 Pound Box
Guac in a Box
Our Price: $44.95
The no-basket-needed gift. Here we have the perfect ingredients and the perfect tool to make 2 batches of awesome guacamole. Sometimes the best gift is the one you get to choose yourself!  An Avocado of the Month Club Gift Certificate makes an ideal gift for any avocado or artichoke lover. You choose the amount and we'll take care of the rest. 3 pounds of nothing but fresh, premium California Hass avocado fruits.