California Hass - 3 Pound Box California Globe Artichokes  - 4 Pack Artichoke Treat Tray
Artichoke Treat Tray
Our Price: $79.95
3 pounds of nothing but fresh, premium California Hass avocado fruits. 4 large California Globe artichokes! These delicious chokes have large, meaty leaves, tender hearts and rich flavor. A delightful assortment of artichoke treats guaranteed to satisfy any  artichoke lover!
Avocado 6 Pack 6 Pound Avocado Gift Tray Artichoke, Hearts & Dips Tray
Avocado 6 Pack
Our Price: $44.95
6 Pound Avocado Gift Tray
Our Price: $59.95
A simple, yet stylish tray of 6 premium California Avocados. 6 pounds of delicious seasonal California avocados nestled inside a large market tray. Send your artichoke lover to heaven with this perfect assortment of artichoke goodies!