The Super Party Combo California Hass - 3 Pound Box Avo & Oil Sprayer Set
The Super Party Combo
Our Price: $79.95
Avo & Oil Sprayer Set
Our Price: $59.95
You bring the chips and we'll supply the rest!  Enough guacamole, salsa and pistachio nuts for any big party. 3 pounds of nothing but fresh, premium California Hass avocado fruits. 3 California Hass avocados, 500 ml pure avocado oil, avo oil spray bottle packed into an attractive kraft gift tray.
Honey Bear and Friends Avocado Picnic Basket Santa's Sleigh Box
Honey Bear and Friends
Our Price: $49.95
Avocado Picnic Basket
Our Price: $74.95
Santa's Sleigh Box
Our Price: $49.95
A sweet little basket of California treats.  Honey straight from the avocado grove, farm fresh Hass avocados and roasted salty nuts combined to make a sweet gift for someone special. Here's a classy gift with all the essentials to make and serve the ultimate guacamole dip! 6 large California avocados and avocado slicer tucked in a red serving tray.  The perfect gift for all good boys and girls ;-)