Artichoke Treat Tray 4 Pound -3 Month Gift Box Membership 3 Pound - 3 Month Membership
Artichoke Treat Tray
Our Price: $79.95
A delightful assortment of artichoke treats guaranteed to satisfy any  artichoke lover! 4 pound gift box of delicious, premium California avocados delivered to your door each month. INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! 3 pounds of delicious California avocados delivered to your door for 3 months. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.
Artichoke, Hearts & Dips Tray California Globe Artichokes  - 3 Pack Gift Certificate
Send your artichoke lover to heaven with this perfect assortment of artichoke goodies! 3 large California Globe artichokes! These delicious chokes have large, meaty leaves, tender hearts and rich flavor. Sometimes the best gift is the one you get to choose yourself!  An Avocado of the Month Club Gift Certificate makes an ideal gift for any avocado or artichoke lover. You choose the amount and we'll take care of the rest.