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Nothing tastes better than a fresh and properly ripened California avocado! Unlike grocery store avocados, Avocado of the Month Club fruits are acquired directly from the growers and are packaged and shipped to you within a day of being picked. Many grocery store avocados actually come from as far away as Chile. These fruits are picked weeks early, shipped to a sea port, loaded onto a cargo ship, sent to a distributor in the US and then trucked throughout the country to reach a grocery store. The extended travel time and harsh treatment has a negative impact on taste. Even most domestically grown avocados are picked and sent to a packing house for distribution around the country. The advantage of Avocado of the Month Club fruits is that you get a fruit that is allowed to ripen at their normal rate. This results in an avocado that is evenly ripe throughout, without black spots or stringy veins. You get to taste the true flavor of each fruit!
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Gift Certificate The Two Pack California Hass - 3 Pound Box
The Two Pack
Our Price: $24.95
Sometimes the best gift is the one you get to choose yourself!  An Avocado of the Month Club Gift Certificate makes an ideal gift for any avocado or artichoke lover. You choose the amount and we'll take care of the rest. 2 fresh Califoria Hass avocados tucked in a white gabled gift box. 3 pounds of nothing but fresh, premium California Hass avocado fruits.
The Easy Guac Gift Avo 4 Pack California Hass - 4 Pound Box
The Easy Guac Gift
Our Price: $39.95
Avo 4 Pack
Our Price: $39.95
California Hass - 4 Pound Box
List Price: $44.95
Our Price: $44.95
NEW! 2 fresh California Hass avocados an a box of Hi Mountain Guacamole Mix in a rustic wood planter box. 4 large, fresh California avocados nestled in a kraft presentation tray.  A truly tasteful gift for any avocado lover! 4 pounds of nothing but fresh, premium California Hass avocado fruits.
Santa's Sleigh Box The Super Party Combo Avocado, Nuts & Sweets Feast
Santa's Sleigh Box
Our Price: $49.95
The Super Party Combo
Our Price: $79.95
6 large California avocados and avocado slicer tucked in a red serving tray.  The perfect gift for all good boys and girls ;-) You bring the chips and we'll supply the rest!  Enough guacamole, salsa and pistachio nuts for any big party. Avocado, Nuts & Sweets Feast