Avocado of the Month Club
Gourmet California avocados you won't find in the grocery store!

Avocado of the Month Club Brings Rare,
Premium California Fruits to the Entire USA!

Located in San Luis Obispo, CA on the Central Coast of California, Avocado of the Month Club is an on-line store offering customers around the country gift boxes of rare and unique, gourmet avocado fruits.

Privately owned by entrepreneurs Greg & Lori Blume, Avocado of the Month club sent out its first avocado gift box In October of 2004. An avocado lover of many years, Greg Blume was inspired to start the club when he realized that most Americans have no idea that there is more than one type of avocado. Frustrated by the glut of imported small, tasteless Hass fruits he found in the grocery stores, Blume started buying his avocados at the local farmer’s market. It didn’t take long to realize that other avocado lovers would love to have access to the variety of unique fruits and premium Hass fruits only available in California.

“Our fruits are purchased directly from local growers, packaged and shipped within 24 - 48 hours of being picked so that they are large, naturally ripening, premium fruits,” said Blume. The variety of fruits that a customer receives depends on the time of year they are subscribing and the number of months of the subscription.

In addition to delicious avocado fruits, Avocado of the Month Club offers a variety of other avocado related food,and kitchen items. Shoppers can pick up a kitchen tool designed specifically to extract and slice an avocado directly out of its skin. Another tool easily mashes avocados into a delicious Guacamole.

For the true avocado lover, Avocado of the Month Club has an assortment of avocado cooking oils. Healthy and delicious, avocado oil is extracted from the flesh of the avocado and is uniquely high in monounsaturated fats (good fat) promoting a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Avocado oil is excellent for grilling and sauteing as it has a very high smoke point - higher than olive oil or nut oils. Currently, Avocado of the Month Club offers a variety of Extra Virgin and flavor infused oils from California.

More recently, Avocado of the Month Club also started offering a unique variety of jumbo California artichokes. Grown on the California Central Coast, the Lyon articoke is a delicious, large variety that boasts meaty leaves and huge edible hearts. With each artichoke weighing in at over 1 pound, a single artichoke can easily make a full meal! Sold in monthly menberships, gift baskets and boxes, these are must have for any true artichoke lover!